Today our blog tour of T. Michael Law’s When God Spoke Greek: The Septuagint and the Making of the Christian Bible continues on Krista Dalton’s blog. She reviews Chapters 5 (Gog and His Not-So-Merry Grasshoppers) and 6 (Bird Droppings, Stoned Elephants, and Exploding Dragons). Dalton summarizes these chapters as follows:

“…Law undertakes a crucial challenge in his work— he seeks to upend the idyllic portrait of the Bible’s creation, texts passed by hand for generations among scribes who lovingly cherished the divine  words, and instead offer a more complicated albeit meaningful survey of the texts’ actual development. Often little thought is given to the reception period between the initially penned biblical words and the thousand years later printed volume in our hands, yet Law draws our attention to the earliest years of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament’s formation in order to show the significance of the Greek Septuagint text upon the New Testament writers. Indeed, as Law expounds, Christianity is indebted to the Septuagint text, a text which many Christians have never heard of.”

These are two very important chapters that may upend your thinking on the evolution of what became our Bible, especially the relationship of the Septuagint to the later Masoretic Text.

TO READ her full review go here.

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5 Gog and his Not-so-Merry Grasshoppers
6 Bird Droppings, Stoned Elephants, and Exploding Dragons

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