A few blog posts worth your time:

Joshua L. Mann, Press ‘Publish’: Start an Academic Blog

“Start an academic blog. Why? Because academic blogging is an accessible platform for communicating your passion with the world. A blog facilitates instant publishing with the largest potential audience of any medium in the world. (Not to mention it’s cheaper than a coffee habit).”

David Williams, Why You Must be Dying to be a Christian Scholar (1/2)

“Historically Evangelicals’ engagement with historical-critical methods and historical evidences has been half-hearted at best, largely because we do not trust them to deliver what we already “know” to be the “right” answers — or, at any rate, the answers we learned in Sunday school.”

David Williams, Why You Must be Dying to be a Christian Scholar (2/2)

“Theological shifts such as those I have just described can be quite terrifying because they often come with deeply personal ramifications.  A shift in even the most arcane theological areas (e.g., in the interpretation of the Book of Revelation or the first chapters of Genesis) can involve breaking with the tradition one grew up in, changing denomination, strained familial relationships, and more.  These sorts of breaks, shifts, and changes can be tumultuous and taxing, and the temptation to avoid them at any cost can be quite strong—even if that means leading a divided life with one’s faith safely on one side and one’s scholarship on the other, and neither influencing or informing the other.”