I’ve been absent for a while, and I need to apologize to a few people.

First, to Brian, I told you that I would start blogging twice a week on this excellent blog, and then life got in the way and family and personal health issues have occupied almost every moment of my time over the past half year. Since I can still post here, I’m grateful to Brian for not revoking my access to the blog. I have every intention of fulfilling my commitment to him and this blog.

Second, I need to apologize to Cliff Kvidahl and the good people at Logos who generously gave me several Logos products to review, some of which were quite expensive, and I have completely failed to fulfill my part by writing the reviews. I can only say that over the past six months or so I’ve barely touched my computer or books.

Things are now returning to normal, and I have obligations to meet and I will meet them – even if the deadline is far over due. Nevertheless I wanted to publicly apologize to Brian and Cliff and thank them both for their grace and understanding.

I’ll have much more to say very soon.

Thanks guys!