Joshua L. Mann has been doing a series of interviews with scholars on academic blogging. Since this year’s SBL Annual Meeting will be addressing whether or not students should blog this is a series that should help us gear up for the debate! Here are the participants:

Ben Witherington

Jim West 

Michael Bird 

Anthony Le Donne

Scot McKnight  

Stephen Carlson

Nijay Gupta

Chris Keith

While you are here you may want to browse these other recommendations:

Miriam Feinberg Vamosh, The ancient coin of Cleopatra

Nijay Gupta, The Importance of the Septuagint (The Apocrypha) Part II

Charles Halton, Sterilizing the Bible

Larry Hurtado, Caligula and the Jews  (See also: Does Caligula deserve his bad reputation?)

Abram K-J, Introducing the Septuagint Studies Soirée

James McGrath, Pauline Authorship: Visualizing the BNTC Survey Numbers

Amos Yong, Pentecostalism and Political Theology

If you wondering about the scholarly value of Reza Aslan’s new book on Jesus, let me recommend these reviews:

Greg Carey, Reza Aslan on Jesus: A Biblical Scholar Responds 

Craig A. Evans, Review of Reza Aslan’s Zealot

Anthony Le Donne, A Usually Happy Fellow Reviews Aslan’s Zealot

Dale Martin, Still a Fire Brand, 2,000 Years Later 

Stephen Prothero, Book Review: ‘Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth’ by Reza Aslan