The Bridge
The Bridge

FX’s ‘The Bridge’ may be one of the best new TV show I’ve seen in a while. As a Californian I have been aware of the complexities surrounding immigration from Latin America into the United States since I was a child. My first year here in Texas has brought it to the forefront of my consciousness as I’ve met people who are public defendants for immigrants, lawyers working toward immigration reform, and people who have been immigrants or work closely with them. The national political debate has intensified over how to go about balancing the need for secure national boarders along with a humane approach to helping people who are struggling to start life anew.

The Bridge does something that public debate cannot do in and of itself: it tells a story. I have been forced to think through the complexities of immigration in a way that hard data doesn’t allow. The show is set on the boarder of El Paso, TX, and Ciudad Juárez, CI. It explores the disparities between these two communities. I recommend it, highly. Also, it is a well written, well acted drama with a lot of mystery, so there’s that.

The episodes can be seen for free online here.

Also, KCRW’s The Business interviewed the writers, which you can listen to here.