Wisdom, Get Low
Wisdom, Get Low

Jack Wisdom, Get Low: Reflections on Pride and Humility (Houston: Whitecaps Media, 2013). (Amazon.com)

This book is a mixture between a devotional and a volume of brief essays. Usually, I don’t read these sorts, but it was gifted to me so I did. While I won’t lie by saying this book has changed my posture toward devotional books—it has taken me forever to read through it despite its brevity and I confess to skipping bits here and there—it is a book that I am comfortable recommending if you are seeking something like it.

The author W.  Jackson (Jack) Wisdom (yes, his last name is Wisdom and he wrote a book on humility!) is an attorney, but apparently one well-read in biblical studies and theology. The book is twenty-four chapters long. Some chapters are quite brief. Others are a bit longer. If you did a chapter a day devotional style you’d easily complete it in twenty-four days since no single chapter is too terribly long. This is good for those with short attention spans.

Each chapter is related to pride and humility, more so the cultivation of humility. Wisdom discusses how the pull toward humility or pride relates to everything from theology proper, to prosperity, to family, to experiencing celebrity, and so forth and so one. Sometimes he makes his point by quoting song lyrics. At other times you’ll find reference to someone like Pope Benedict XVI, Gordon D. Fee, Karl Barth, Stanley Hauerwas, Eugene Peterson, or John Howard Yoder. As I said, the author reads a lot of books not related to the practice of law, apparently.

If your looking for an easy read that will dabble in a bit of theology here, a bit of biblical studies there, tell a personal story, and encourage you to cultivate the virtue of humility this is a book worth considering.