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This is the Biblical Studies Carnival for August 2013. It isn’t a carnival though, not really. No roller coasters. No cotton candy. No clowns. Rather, it is more like a used bookstore (though oddly, everything is new). I guess I could name our imaginary used bookstore “Carnival Books”!

I’ll tell you what section your browsing, and I’ve ordered it alphabetically according to each author’s last name, but its up to you to find something relevant. Good news, everything is free! (Though time is money, so there’s that…oh, and blogs posts aren’t books.)

[Final note: like any good used bookstore people should be able to bring in things they’ve read so that others might do so as well. If you didn’t get a chance to recommend something, but you think others might enjoy it, leave a link in the comments section below.]


Is that a scroll you've unraveled?!
Is that a scroll you’ve unraveled?!

Hebrew Bible/Early Judaism

Peter Enns, Would Jesus get hired to teach an Old Testament seminary course today?

Robert Holmsedt, Genesis 1:1, again, and my “Un-Christian” analysis

Larry Hurtado, Caligula and the Jews 

Lawrence Schiffman, How to Study a Dead Sea Scrolls Text: Introduction and How to Study a Dead Sea Scrolls Text: A New Approach and How to Study the Dead Sea Scrolls: Consensus and Dissidents

Brian LePort, The Cessation of the Prophets in 1 Maccabees 9:27 and Praise of Rome in 1 Maccabees 

Drew Longacre, Hendel’s Text of Genesis 1-11 Online

Bob MacDonald, Psalm 109 – Theology

Claude Mariottini, Women Prophets in the Hebrew Bible and Isaiah’s Wife

Suzanne McCarthy,  The gender of sin and doe or heart? and Adam’s nose

James McGrath, How Many Adam?

Candida Moss, The Truth About Angels in the Bible

Marg Mowczko, Bible Women Who Led Celebrations and Lamentations

Ken Olson, The Testimonium Flavianum, Eusebius, and Consensus

Garet Robinson, Is Genesis 1 a Preface?

It's all Greek to me!
It’s all Greek to you!

New Testament/Early Christianity

Michael Barber, The Synoptic Problem and Ptolemaic Cosmology

Kevin Brown, A Survey on the Epistle of Jude’s Provenance

David Capes, Did Jesus Have All His Teeth?

Jacob Cerone, The Use of γράφω and Its Compound In Eusebius: Origen and Pauline Authorship of Hebrews

Krista Dalton, Villains in the Bible: Why the Pharisees Are Not Your Bad Guys

James D.G. Dunn, Taking the Oral Gospel Tradition Seriously

Craig A. Evans, Jesus and the Exorcists (video)

Rachel Held Evans, Four Interpretive Pitfalls Around New Testament Household Codes and Aristotle vs. Jesus: What Makes the New Testament Household Codes Different

Mark Goodacre, Pericopes, passages, or paragraphs?

John Goldingay, Do We Need the New Testament? (video)

Larry Hurtado, “Interactive Diversity” Article: New Link 

Abram K-J, Every Knee…and Every Tongue (Isaiah in Philippians 2:10-11)

Craig Keener, Historical Evidence for the Existence of Jesus and Was Paul For or Against Women in Ministry? and Suffering and Exploitation in Revelation

Michael Kruger, Is the Gospel of John History or Theology?

Anthony Le Donne, Prince of Peace; Lord of War (Part 1) and Prince of Peace; Lord of War (Part 2)

Scott Lencke, Paul and the Gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12-14 and Wait, Paul! Do You Want Us to Speak in Tongues or Not?

Brian LePort, Adam and Eve in Romans 1:18-25 and the Life of Adam and Eve and Water, That is To Say, Spirit and The Water of John’s Baptism and The legality of Onesimus’ flight to Paul

David Lincicum, Evangelical, Pseudonymity and the New Testament Today

James McGrath, Pauline Authorship: Visualizing the BNTC Survey Numbers and BNTC Survey on Pauline Authorship and The Most Shocking Verse in Hebrews? and John the “Baptist” and Revisiting the Mandaeans and the New Testament

– See also: Brian LePort, John the Baptist and the Mandaeans

Scot McKnight, Water of Division and Was Paul the Eternal Enemy of Women?

Matthew Montonini, George Caird Lectures on Romans and the Synoptic Problem

Marg Mowczko, Kuria “Lady” in Papyri Letters

Andrew Perriman, Some women and the story of God’s people, and a brief obituary 

Joshua Paul Smith, Luke, The Progymnasmata, and the “Prodigal Son”

Amanda Witmer, Jesus, the Gospels, and History

You'll find something in there, somewhere, hopefully.
You’ll find something in there, somewhere, hopefully.


Collin Garbarino w. T. Michael Law, When God Spoke Greek (Interview)

J.K. Gayle, Did a Septuagint Hellene spin enable Odd Gospel Greek imbibing? and Breast-God: women in the male literary imagination of Genesis 49

Nijay Gupta, The Importance of the Septuagint (Even for Pastors…) Part 1 and The Importance of the Septuagint (The Apocrypha) Part 2

Brian LePort, Theologizing from the Septuagint and the Theological Interpretation of the Bible and Exegeting the Septuagint (for New Testament Studies)

Gabe Martini, The Septuagint a Divinely Inspired Translation

Various, Book Blog Tour: T. Michael Law’s When God Spoke Greek

Also, don’t forget, there is a new “carnival” in town: Septuagint Studies Soirée!


Benjamin Corey, Literal or Metaphoric (or, are we asking the wrong question entirely?)

Matthew R. Malcolm, What is the Hermeneutical Task?

Andy Naselli, Is ‘Background Information’ Ever Necessary for Understanding the Bible?

August Employee of the Month!
August Employee of the Month! (click this image for a surprise)

Textual Criticism/Linguistics/Translation

Brian Davidson, The Earliest Hebrew-English Lexicography

Larry Hurtado, Another Milestone for NT Textual Criticism 

Luke Geraty, Should Textual Criticism Find Expression on Sunday Morning?

Charles Halton, Sterilizing the Bible

Brian LePort, Acts 1:4 in Codex Bezae and Why Isn’t There a Question Mark in Romans 4:1a?

Suzanne McCarthy, Larry Crab: Fully Alive

D. Miller, The Essentials of Biblical Hebrew Syntax

Jessica Parks, In Which I Disagree with Mark Driscoll (and it has little to do with women)

Kristen Rosser, And I Thought the French Translation Would Help. Silly Me.

Steve Runge, Porter’s Use of Contrastive Substitution

Theophrastus, Catholic ESV Lectionary on hold

Daniel B. Wallace, Latest Greek New Testament minuscules: Gregory-Aland 2916, 2925, and 2926

Time to think lofty thoughts.
Time to think lofty thoughts.


Bruce-Reyes Chow, How I Survive Everyday Racism

Christena Cleveland, Everything I Know about Racism I Learned in the Church and Everything I Know about Reconciliation I Learned in the Church

Marc Cortez, Is the Incarnation a Contradiction?

Ken Daugherty, Progressive, Franciscan, and Anabaptist?

Jim Gordon, Theology as a Handmaid of Discipleship

Micael Grenholm, Parallels between Anabaptism and Pentecostalism

Katie Grimes, Men Pray the Rosery Too: Against a “Theology of Women”

Drew Hart, Black and Anabaptist? A New Ecclesiology and Prophetic Witness in the Empire

Christopher M. Hays, Why Does Social Justice Still Polarize Evangelicalism?

Stanley Hauerwas, Does Anglicanism Have a Future?

Scot McKnight, Earliest Atonement Theories

Harry Samuels, Environmentalism and the Prosperity Gospel: Redefining Prosperity

Preston Sprinkle w. Rachel Held Evans, What Would Jesus Do (With His Enemy)?

Victoria Gaile Laidler, Doran on Lonergan and Girard and A Feminist Critique and Appropriation of Mimetic Theory and Fasting as Embodied Prayer

Matthew Warren, Paul Zahn’s (un)Ecclesiology 

Shawn L. Whilhite, Ignatian Christology (Part 1) and Trinitarian and Cultic Imagination: Ignation Christology (Part 2) and Jesus as Divine Human: Ignation Christology (Part 3) and  Irenaeus on Gnosticism and the Christian Faith and Irenaeus on the Gospels

Amos Yong, Evangelicals and Ethics: Renewing Evangelical Morality and Pentecostalism and Political Theology (video)

It’s like the game Jenga. You may pull the wrong book and the whole pile collapses on your head.


Kate Anderson, Hazor in the Tenth Century and The So-Called “Solomonic” City-gate at Meggido

Todd Bolen, Analysis: Archaeologist Find Prophet Elisha’s House

Robert Cargill, Explaining the Azekah Area S2 Water Cistern to Dovid and Barnea of Foundation Stone

Miriam Feinberg Vamosh, The ancient coin of Cleopatra

Greg Garrison, Samford archaeological dig in Israel uncovers Jewish village

John Byron, The Father of a Prophet? A newly discovered inscription has possible connection to a biblical character

– See also:, 2,700 year old Hebrew inscription discovered in City of David

Reviews of Reza Aslan’s Zealot

Larry Behrendt, “Zealot”: A Book Review

Greg Carey, Reza Aslan on Jesus: A Biblical Scholar Responds 

Craig A. Evans, Review of Reza Aslan’s Zealot

Larry Hurtado, “Zombie Claims” and Jesus the “Zealot”

Anthony Le Donne, A Usually Happy Fellow Reviews Aslan’s Zealot and More Errors in Aslan’s Zealot…and Its Fatal Flaw

Dale Martin, Still a Fire Brand, 2,000 Years Later 

Stephen Prothero, Book Review: ‘Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth’ by Reza Aslan

Book Reviews

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Here's some artwork I borrowed from the Vatican.
Here’s some artwork I borrowed from the Vatican.


Bible, Critical Theory, and Reception Seminar (University of Chester, Sept. 12-13)

Bible and Critical Theory Seminary (Surrey Hills, Sydney, Sept 6-7)

John, Jesus, and History Conference


Marc Zvi Brettler, Interview with Sara Jephet

Alan Brill, Interview with Prof. Jacob Wright of Emory University

John Byron, The Passing of Paul W. Meyer

Christena Cleveland, People of Color Blog Too

– See also: Rodney Thomas, Difference, Diversity, and Reading Choices: Blog Lists and Popularity Contests

Krista Dalton, Practitioner vs. Scholar: Why Reza Aslan Reminds me to Fight for that Distinction

Bart Ehrman, My Pop Quiz for First Year Students

Peter Enns, What Biblical Scholars Do (since you were likely losing sleep about it)

Tyler Glodjo, How the Church Resegregated Schools in the South

Katie Grimes, Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Not a Political Conservative

Larry Hurtado, More on Identifying Expertise

Joshua L. Mann, ‘Press Publish’: Interview with Ben WitheringtonJim West Michael Bird Anthony Le DonneScot McKnight Stephen CarlsonNijay GuptaChris Keith, Peter Enns, Peter Head, James McGrath (series of interviews on blogging as an academic)

Patsy McGarry, Eminent theologian Seán Freyne dies

– See also: Sean Freyne, Galilee, Jesus and Christology (YouTube videos compiled by Mark Goodacre)

Matthew Montonini, Launched: Raymond E. Brown Website

– Listen: Christ: Condemned and Crucified, a lecture by Fr. Raymond E. Brown (first time released to the public and downloadable)

D. Miller, Bible Software Recommendations

Jim West, Scholars You Should Know: Deane Galbraith

David Williams, Why You Must be Dying to be a Christian Scholar (1/2), (2/2), (Wrap Up)

Thank you to all those who recommended links to me. This couldn’t have been done without you. Next month! Chad Chambers and co. will be hosting the Carnival at the newly revamped Cataclysmic blog.