Zondervan is well known for publishing fantastic language resources for the New Testament student. In the late months of 2012 Zondervan revealed yet another fantastic piece, the NIV Greek and English New Testament, edited by John R. Kohlenberg III.

Different than an interlinear, this Greek-English New Testament is side-by-side, with the Greek text located on the left page and the English translation on the right. As a student that has a year’s worth of Greek completed, I find this Bible to be really useful. I make attempts at translating and reading in the Greek. If I get stuck, I move to the right side, locate the verse number, and read the English translation.

The Greek text used is The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition. While the UBS4 and NA28 are more popular, Zondervan makes a concession. Wherever there is a textual divergence between the SBL edition and the UBS4, a note is added on the bottom of the page, highlighting the difference. The English translation is the recently updated NIV 2011.


Zondervan placed a revised version of Mounce’s Concise Greek-English Dictionary in the very back of the Bible. This itself is a wonderful resource to have on hand.

You can get the Bible in hardcover or in a type of imitation, Italian Duo-Tone leather (the one I have). I didn’t realize the leather wasn’t real until reading that it wasn’t. The Italian Duo-Tone leather is black. I personally like this copy of it. It keeps the Bible less bulky, making it convenient to carry it around. To me, it’s very aesthetically appealing.

Lastly, where it’s common to see the words of Christ in red, this NIV keeps them in black. Also, in the back of the Bible there are full color maps.

I want to express my gratitude to Zondervan and particularly Emily Varner for a review copy of this Bible. Thanks!