Today is my wife’s birthday, our first one back in her home state of Texas. Throughout the year I’ve had the opportunity to better understand her upbringing and heritage. I’ve gotten to know her better and it has deepened my love for her.

Miranda has begun teaching in a local elementary school which is both the beginning to what I perceive will be a great career, but also, since she’s beginning that career in her hometown, it has been a chance to give back to the community that raised her. I’ve been given a front row seat to watch as she passionately invests in the lives of children. I enjoy watching her as she considers creative ways to enhance her vocational skills. She’s going to be amazing.

I am grateful for a strong, forward thinking, challenge-embracing wife. She encourages me. She inspires me. She is the type of person you want to be your partner in the journey of life. I am blessed to have her in mine.

Happy Birthday Miranda! I hope you have a wonderful year in front of you and thank you for allowing me to experience this last year of your amazing life with you. I love you!