Here are some thing I’ve read recently that you may enjoy:

John Byron, Jerusalem: The Center of the Earth

New Film for IMAX Explores Jerusalem

Marc Cortez, Evangelicalism and Its Pathologies 

Krista Dalton, When Sermons Oppress Part 1: “Resisting Ableism in NT Narratives”; Part 2: “Resisting Anti-Judaism in NT Narratives”

Jim Davilla, Sukkot

Stanley Hauerwas, Going on: Why a theologian can never retire

Peter M. Head, New Images Online from BL Manuscripts

Geoff Holsclaw, The Scandal of the Evangelical Memory (Pt. 2 of 5); (Pt. 3 of 5)

Larry Hurtado, Chester Beatty Papyri: New Digital Photos

Brice C. Jones, Simon Gathercole on the Earliest Title of Matthew’s Gospel on a Papyrus “Flyleaf”

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