Wabash Center

For active and future educators: Roger Nam (George Fox Seminary) is curating a conversation on the blog of the Wabash Center where more than a dozen professors will be discussing what happened in their classroom when they began to lecture less in order to teach more. I know that as a student I have learned far more from those professor who could balance their lectures with open discussion than those who lectured exclusively. This series looks to be a good one.

The participants are as follows: Gene Gallagher, Karyn Wiseman, Eric Barreto, Kate Blanchard, Deepak Sarma, Kwok Pui-lan, Greg Carey, Monica Coleman, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Kameron Carter, Lynn Neal, Bobby Williamson, Wil Gafney, Lea Schweitz, Brooke Lester, and Israel Galindo.

In order to follow the series bookmark this link here.