Here are some things I read this last week that you may enjoy:

Fortress Press has made available samples of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God: V.4 and Pauline Perspectives: Essays on Paul, 1978-2013.

Christina Cleveland, Jesus the Privileged

Marc Cortez, On Preaching “to the Men”

Lawrence Garcia, 3 Reasons the Eucharist Should Be Served Every Week and Why the Eucharist Should Be Served Each Week, Part 2: “The Church’s Temple Vocation”

Nijay Gupta, “Sola Scriptura,””Prima Scriptura,” or “Scriptura et Doctrina”? 

Philip Jenkins, A Front-Row Seat to African Faith 

T. Michael Law, Where is the center of gravity for LXX studies? and Announcing New OUP Series: The Apocrypha in the History of Interpretation (AHI)

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