Here are some things I read this last week that you may find interesting as well:

Marc Cortez, 25 Signs You’re Addicted to Books and Selfless Saint or Arrogant Jerk? A Church Search Dilemma

John Diaz, California’s GOP downfall a cautionary tale

Molly Fulton, Ordinary

Larry Hurtado, Did Jesus Demand to be Worshipped?

Anthony Le Donne, Jesus and Economic Collectivism and Jesus was Not a Romantic and The Teaching of Jesus and Fiscal Conservatism 

Robin Parry, What the Eucharist Means to Me

Sophie Quinton, Can Oakland Escape San Francisco’s Shadow?

Christopher Skinner, Why “Jesus” is to Blame for the Government Shutdown

John Stewart’s interview with Malala Yousafzai

Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Kanye West

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