Brave Reviews has just featured a lengthy look at Kapic’s new text, A Little Book for New Theologians. The review features a book summary, reviews of the book as a whole, as well as insight into multiple chapters of the book. You can find the full review here.

Here’s a sneak peak:

“The book is little for good reason.  As a primer for new theologians it is not likely to intimidate or overburden them.  It is not meant for extended theological study or a full scale examination of doctrine.  The ‘full course meal’ will likely follow.  This little book is meant to whet the theological appetite and prepare the aspiring soul, and in both goals it succeeds.  The book’s content is concise but its wisdom is deep.  Dr. Kapic’s straightforward presentation offers profound truths and practical wisdom in a pleasant and irenic style.  It is said that great beauty is often most appreciated through simplicity and candor.  Of this Dr. Kapic’s book is a good example.  The material itself is biblical and sound, the style direct and fluid, the spirit gracious and affable.  I warmly recommend it.”

Grace + Peace,

Jason from theBraveReviews.com.

You can find the full review here or learn more at Amazon.com.