Morning Prayer

I’ve always struggled with prayer. As a younger Christian the anxiety of talking into thin air to Someone was complicated by the anti-liturgical ethos of my fellow Pentecostals. Every prayer had to be “from the heart” so that we weren’t babbling meaningless prayers like the pagans…or the Anglicans, or Roman Catholics, or any group of Christians that had become “fossilized by tradition.” As I’ve aged (matured) I’ve realized that there is nothing wrong with written prayers nor with parroting their contents. The Book of Psalms may have been the first written works that I used for prayer, which felt normal since these were “inspired,” but over time I’ve learned to embrace catholicity, to recognize my limitations, and to openly borrow the words of others. Sometimes when we pray we have no words and the Spirit gives them to us. Sometimes when the Spirit gives us words those words are those of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Ben Ray has done English speaking Christians a favor by putting together a website called Morning Prayer based on the 1979 Book of Common Prayer and the ESV. Everyday you can go to and a new day’s worth of prayers, passages from Scripture, and creedal affirmations will be available. I’ve benefitted from this resource, so I share it with you!