Here are some things I read this last week that you may find interesting as well:

Craig Evan Anderson and Matthew Ryan Hauge, Mark 01: The Humanity of Jesus (podcast)

Christian Brady, New perspectives on the future, Revelation, the Second Coming, and all that

Kenny Burchard, God’s Foreknowledge – how, when, and so?

Greg Carey, Field Reports in Biblical Studies: A Teaching without Teaching Experiment 

Brian Curtis and Patricia Lee, Rocked: an oral history of the 1989 World Series

Krista Dalton, Confabulation and the Power of Religious Narratives

Peter Enns, when God is unfaithful

Geoff Holsclaw, The Scandal of the Evangelical Memory, Part 5 of 5

Larry Hurtado, Peer Review and Biblical Scholarship

Anthony Le Donne, Jesus, Women, and Self Projection

Robert Martin, The Scandal of Mennonite Memory

Adam Nagourney, California Sees Gridlock Ease in Governing

Hollis Phelps, Forgive Them Their Debts

If you missed it you may be interested in these links I shared a few days ago: The Synoptic Problem around the Blogosphere 

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