Here are some things I read this last week that you may find interesting as well:

Biblical Studies and Theology:

Peter Enns, evangelicalism and anti-intellectualism: blame the leaders

Nijay Gupta, Dale Allison’s ICC James— Part I

Larry Hurtado, The Codex and Textual Capacity; The Bookroll vs. the Codex

Ryan Kelley, A Parable of Jesus and the Science of Knowledge

Anthony Le Donne, Jesus, Death, and Taxes (LARB); Hooks, Brushstrokes, and the Four Evangelists 

Jessica Parks, Kenosis, Cruciformity, and Feminism

Rafael Rodriguez, Oral Tradition and the New Testament

Asaf T., Who is Buried in Herod’s Tomb?


Nona Willits Aronowitz, San Antonio’s Simple Appeal to Millenials 

Jonathan Lloyd, Time-Lapse Tour Captures California and Its Breathtaking Best

Conference: Announcing Ecclesia and Ethics II

Conference: 2013 AAR/SBL Bibliobloggers Gathering: Time and Place

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