Here are some things I read this last week that you may find interesting as well:

CSNTM: Chester Beatty Papyri On-line

EerdWord: Video Interview with James H. Charlesworth on the “Jesus Family Tomb” Controversy 

Marcus Borg, What is the Gospel?

Krista Dalton, When All I See is Male: Confronting Patriarchy in Religious Texts and Tradition

Jim Davila, Jerome Murphy O’Connor, 1935-2013

Rachel Held Evans, On being ‘divisive’…

Kate Hanch, The Mark Driscoll Scholarship: A Good Idea?

Larry Hurtado, “Born of a Virgin?” Andrew Lincoln’s New Book and Jesus’ Wife Fragment: What’s happening? and Ancient Letters and Ancient Christian Letters

Brice C. Jones, Favorite Quote about Rudolf Bultmann

Leslie Keeney, Why I am an Egalitarian

Anthony Le Donne, The Antisemitism of Ignorance

Peter J. Leithart, The End of Protestantism

Susan Luther, “The Ethics of Speech: Answers from the New Testament” (Video Lecture)

Joshua L. Mann, Bultmann on the Personification of Sin

Jessica Parks, Gender and the Incarnation

Jesse Richards, My reflections from attending the International Symposium on the Gospels and An academic summary of the International Symposium

Michael L. Satlow, Jewish Popular Piety in Late Antiquity

Rodney Thomas, Christianity, Disability, and Nonviolence

Jim West, Rudolf Bultmann: The Morning After Kristallnacht

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