Here are some things I read this last week that you may find interesting as well:

John Blake, The C.S. Lewis you never knew

Chris Keith, Social Memory Theory and the Gospels: Assessing the First Decade (video); The SBL Memory and Historical Jesus Session;  Less Serious Observations on the SBL Memory SessionJens Schröter Weighs In, Giving Further Reason to Buy and Read His From Jesus to the New Testament

Christian Jarrett, How Jesus Had the Cheek to Support Neuroscience 

Abram K-J, Septuagint Studies Soirée #4

Lawrence Schiffman, Ancient Judaism and Judaic Societies

Tiffany Stanley, The Intellectual Civil War within Evangelicalism: An Interview with Molly Worthen

Tyler Stewart, The Blow up in Baltimore (Part 1 – Summary); (Part 2 – The Sparks)

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