Here are some things I read this last week that you may find interesting as well:

Krista Dalton, Jesus and the Promise of Redemption: an Advent Story

Rachel Held Evans, 101 Christian Women Speakers

Tim Henderson, ‘Tis the Season…for Scholars to Shatter Christmas Myths

Chris Keith, Jesus and His World by Craig Evans

Ben Myers, Forty Things I like about Christianity

– Kim Fabricius, Forty Things I don’t like about Christianity

Judy Redman, Memory in real life (3) (and if you haven’t kept up with the post-conference biblioblog discussion regarding “the Blow-Up in Baltimore” see my The Aftermath of “the Blow-Up in Baltimore”)

Mike S., Carmichael-Walling Lectures (Carl Holladay on the Holy Spirit)

Joshua Smith, Five Things Contemporary Worshipers Could Learn from the Early Church

Johnny Walker, Interview with Jesus Scholar, Chris Keith, on Jesus Against the Scribal Elite

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