In 2013 we wrote 482 blog posts, including this one. That is down from 651 in 2012, 969 in 2011, and 831 in 2010. In part, this has a lot to do with my own self-imposed restrictions. I’ve decided to blog less in general. Often, instead of sharing my thoughts here I will put them into my Evernote program for later. If I don’t need immediate feedback I keep my ideas to myself. Also, I decided that it would be wise not to share my opinion on a wide range of topics. Usually, this is because I’ve realized I have a lot more to learn before I can present a well-informed perspective on a given subject. Sometimes it has more to do with the violence of the blogosphere: I don’t have the same time, energy, or interest in debating most of the things that enliven the blogosphere and Twitter. I think my co-bloggers share this general sentiment, which is why we’ve seen less posts from them as well.

So, for those who have been reading this blog for a while let me give you a list of general subjects I plan to discuss here—subjects that will correspond with whatever I need to be reading at the moment—so you’ll know whether or not you should pay much attention to this blog this year (I don’t know what my co-bloggers have in mind, so even if my interests bore you please keep us in your feed).

– Historiography/Social Memory Theory

– The Gospels: mostly the Christology presented in juxtaposition with John the Baptist and their Pneumatology

– Messianism in early Judaism

– Pneumatology in early Judaism/Christianity

– Resources to help me improve my reading comprehension in German, French, and other research languages

– Book by/about Rudolf Bultmann

One of my motivations for blogging has been that it allows me to hear your recommendations, so if you know of any books or resources related to the above subjects please pass them along to me! I hope we continue to have enlightening and mutually beneficial conversations here in 2014!