Hamman, Rudolf Bultmann: A Biography
Hamman, Rudolf Bultmann: A Biography

This is a list of interesting things I learned while reading Chapter II. “On the Path to Academic Teaching” from Konrad Hamman’s Rudolf Bultmann: a Biography: 

– Bultmann began his career as a tutor at the University of Marburg in 1907.

In 1910 Bultmann submitted his dissertation: “The Style of Paul in Relation to the Stoic-Cynic Diatribe.” 

– He graduated cum laude.

Bultmann’s second dissertation, or Habilitationsschrift, was on the exegesis of Theodore of Mopsuestia. It went unpublished and it didn’t make much of an impact.

– Bultmann began lecturing in the 1912/1913 academic year.

– He made himself known by writing many book reviews.

– Bultmann was quite the preacher and he spent much time in a pulpit. According to Bultmann, “In the sermon, one ought to speak extemporaneously, as it comes from the heart; and yet one must prepare oneself with care and think everything through. I believe that the preacher simply must bear this conflict for the sake of the cause for which one is doing it. And yet for this very reason, it requires a great deal of self-criticism not to undertake to say anything that one cannot inwardly actually stand behind fully.”

Bultmann became engaged to Helene Freedman in August of 1916.


from Konrad, Hammann (2013-01-16). Rudolf Bultmann: a Biography (Kindle Locations 998-999). Polebridge Press. Kindle Edition.