Here are some things I read this last week that you may find interesting as well:

Amy-Jill Levine, Getting Judaism, and Jesus, Wrong

Julie Beck w. William V. Harris, Diagnosing Mental Illness in Ancient Greece and Rome

David B. Gowler, Irenaeus and the Parables (Part 2)

Nijay K. Gupta, Francis Watson on Gospel Writing — An Interview and Reflection (Part 1); (Part 2)

Peter M. Head, The Gospel of Thomas: a quick guide

Joshua L. Mann, Nestle-Aland Greek Texts: Use the Appendices

Candida Moss, The Strange Science behind Virgin Births

Greg Monette w. Christopher Skinner, The Non-Canonical Gospels and the Historical Jesus

Greg Monette w. David Wenham, Was Paul or Jesus the Founder of Christianity?

Brian Renshaw, Why Read the Church Fathers?

Shawn J. Wilhite, Axioms of Patristic Interpretation

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