You may have noticed that rarely posts content on the weekends these days. Well, we aim to fix that. We have added Jeremy Cushman to our team. On some Saturdays he will share random reflections on his life as a seminarian and on Sundays he will be doing a series titled “Sundays with St. Paul” on all things Pauline! Here is the brief bio we’ll be adding to our about page:

“Jeremy is a MATS student at George Fox Evangelical Seminary and blogs over at Cushman’s Chronicles. He hopes to one day ride the Tardis with The Doctor. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.”

Jeremy joins JohnDave Medina as another blogger affiliated with George Fox Evangelical Seminary out of Portland, OR. I hope you’ll have a chance to interact with Jeremy beginning this weekend. Also, don’t forget to visit his personal blog where he’ll post content more regularly.