Here are some things I read that you may find interesting:

Olivia Casey, Our Bodies are Mostly Empty Space

Krista Dalton, Resources for Reading the Bible and Rabbis

Nijay Gupta, Are the Ecumenical Creeds Inspired?

Chris Keith, Is Mark Goodacre still in the minority on Q?

See also: Anthony Le Donne, Q Survives Near-Fatal Attack from Goodacre, Remains in Critical Condition

Michael Kok, Does Mark Predict the Destruction of the Temple?

Michelle Mikeska, “The Ugly and Broad Ditch” – the Church and the Academy

Richard Mouw, On Not Being “Prophetic”

Jessica Parks, A Cruciform Christian Feminist Credo

via EerdWord: Author Interview w. Walter Brueggemann

See also: via The Work of the People: “An Alternative Way” feat. Walter Bruegemann

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