For those who are interested, the post-screening discussion from the January 16 Kansas City showing of A Polite Bribe has been posted on the film’s Vimeo page:

The panel featured director Robert Orlando as well as local scholars (from left to right) David May (Professor of New Testament, Central Baptist Theological Seminary), Israel Kamudzandu (Assistant Professor of New Testament, St. Paul School of Theology), and Andy Johnson (Professor of New Testament, Nazarene Theological Seminary).

I encourage you to visit the Vimeo page for A Polite Bribe and check out a few of the other pre- and post-screening discussions, almost all of which feature some lively and thought-provoking discussion. One of my favorites so far is this video from Madison, WI, in which Ball State University professor Joseph Marchal levels a series of criticisms at the film. Marchal begins speaking around the 19:30 mark, but I encourage you to watch the whole video, as the other scholars present also have equally important thoughts worth entertaining.

I found Marchal’s critique of the film fascinating. When it comes to Pauline studies I’m not heavily invested in one particular viewpoint over another, so instead of taking a hardline stance either for or against the film’s narrative, I have simply enjoyed the conversation offered by differing views all around.