Ideas and Inspiration for Online Educators

unnamedOn Monday I wrote summaries of the various sessions that occurred for the first weekend of Ecclesia and Ethics II. This year’s theme is “Gospel Community and Virtual Existence” and it has occurred to me that while there may be many people who cannot dedicate their Saturdays to an online conference there may remain a good reason to register anyways. If you are registered (which can be done here) you will be given access to the recordings of all the sessions. This is a great deal considering the fact that the cost is a mere $10 and you give that money either to a recommended charity or one of your choosing. So there you have it: give money to charity, report it, and you gain access to all the recorded lectures.

I think this may be an especially helpful opportunity to online educators seeking ideas and inspiration, especially those in a Christian liberal arts or seminary context. I won’t repeat the summaries I wrote earlier this week, but upon reflection I imagine an online educator could receive a lot of information from John Mark Reynold’s paper as one thinks about the nature of online education and the usefulness of the brick-and-mortar campus. Bill Mounce’s presentation was filled with insightful and challenging ideas. Walker Kim’s, William M. Struther’s, and Derek C. Shuurman’s presentations would be helpful for thinking about the ethics of moving away from physical space to virtual space when educating. Scott B. Rae’s paper may open one’s eyes to seeing the sanctity of their work in the virtual world. Mike Bird’s paper on blogging has some similar characteristics to the one I gave at AAR/SBL earlier this year (which I mention because I’ve spread the ideas found in that paper across a variety of posts on this blog), but instead of focusing on whether students should blog I think it would be directed more toward whether Christians should try to spread their ideas via blogging, which remains a relevant question for educators. Since I hosted one of the break-out sessions I can’t speak to the content of the others, but again, if you register you get all the audio recordings so who knows what you’ll find!

Next week may have even more useful commentary for online educators, but even if not a single presenter addresses the subject I’d say that last week’s talks are worth accessing via the $10 registration fee!

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  1. This online conference idea is quite ingenious. Clearly these organizers are thinking outside of the box with respect to pedagogy. It’s impressive some of this blogs owners involve themselves in it ….

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