Courtesy of Zondervan, I received Christology, Ancient and Modern: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics, edited by Oliver D. Crisp and Fred Sanders. The book features contributions from a couple of names I recognize, like Peter J. Leithard, Fred Sanders, Alan J. Torrance, and from a few names I do not, like Michael Allen, George Hunsinger, and Katherin Sonderegger. From what I have gathered, the work appears to be a compilation of the presentations at the Los Angeles Theological Conference.

This book interested me because I have always had an interest in Christology. My Master of Arts thesis focused on exploring the Christological motif of the deuteronomic Prophet-like-Moses in the Prologue of the Fourth Gospel. I anticipate that I will enjoying reading about Christology from less of a biblical studies perspective and more from a theological one.

The last time I talked with Daniel James Levy, we both were looking at the same book. If he decided on Christology as well then we may do a joint review.