On Saturday I asked “Are biblioblogs dying?” and I received quite a few responses via the comments, Facebook, and Twitter. Tim Bulkeley (“Social media as staffroom for distance teachers”) and Claude Mariottini (“Are Biblioblogs Dying?”) wrote insightful responses on their blogs that I recommend. Most people won’t say that biblioblogs are dying, but many people seems comfortable with more of a Darwinian idea: we are seeing the survival of the fittest. The biblioblog must evolve.

On the aforementioned post I embedded a poll. At 2:00 CST (when I wrote this) there had been forty responses: 18 people say “no” they aren’t dying (45%); 16 say “maybe” (40%); only 6 said “yes” (15%). This response seems to parallel the idea that we should say biblioblogs are dying, but maybe we need to expect that many individual blogs will disappear as the crowd thins and maybe we need to expect to see biblioblogs that are part blog, part vlog, part podcast, part online chat?

What do you want to see from biblioblogs?