This week’s recommendations:

5.a Michael Bird on the question of whether Jesus thought of himself as God and b. Simon Gathercole’s argument about pre-existence and divine identity in the Synoptics by Andrew Perriman; c. Ehrman in the Blogosphere: A Round-Up of Recent Posts on Christology and Monotheism via James McGrath

4.a The Passover and Jesus by Adela Yarbro Collins and b. Passover as Jesus Knew It by Helen K. Bond

3. Luke Timothy Johnson Lectures on Paul (video) via Nijay Gupta

2. Patriarchy and Worth (video) w. Daniel Kirk

1. a. GJW test results finally in and b. GJW latest by Jim Davilla and c. Jesus’ Wife is Really Old (for an initial round-up of posts) by James McGrath

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