Greg Monette, The Wrong Jesus: Fact, Belief, Legend, Truth…Making Sense of What You’ve Heard (Carol Stream: NavPress, 2014). (

My friend and fellow doctoral student Greg Monette has released a helpful little book on the identity of Jesus (180 + pp. of content). I had the privilege of reading over the manuscript before publication and I received a copy while visiting him last week, so I know that it is a carefully and cautiously written book, and I tend to be a bit skeptical toward apologetics books. Monette’s book is forwarded by Craig A. Evans. It receives blurbs from personalities such as Michael Licona, Michael Bird, Edith M. Humphrey, Graham H. Twelftree, and Tony Jones to name a few names from diverse perspectives. At eleven chapters long it addresses subjects such as Jesus’ existence, the role of eyewitness testimony in the Jesus tradition, the role of archaeology in understanding Jesus’ world, complicated subjects related to Jesus’ birth and miracles, when Jesus understood himself to be deity, and of course, Jesus’ resurrection.

This book is great for Bible studies and small groups. FWIW, Monette is available to give talks related to his book. You can learn more about him at