May's topic of conversation: the future of theological education
May’s topic of conversation: the future of theological education

Last month we introduced the idea of a monthly “topic of conversation” that would guide many of our blogs posts as contributors while also inviting other bloggers to write about the same subject in order to broaden the discussion. We’re of the opinion that biblioblogging is a means of community. It allows us to share ideas with people who may not live near us. It introduces us to those who share our interests. For example, where I live in San Antonio, TX, there aren’t many opportunities to meet with people in person to discuss matters related to biblical literature, but my geographical location does not limit me, in part, because of this blog.

When I asked my co-bloggers what they’d like to discuss for the month of May it was decided that since this is a time when many academic years are coming to an end a pertinent topic would be “the future of theological education” and related subjects. Here are some discussion starters (courtesy of Joshua Smtih, Kate Hanch, and Jeremy Cushman):

– What are some of the challenges facing educators in biblical/theological studies? What about students? What are some solutions to those challenges?

– How do we do theological education holistically? How does it become about more than data transfer? Can theological education be an act of discipleship? Can it be an act of worship?

– Why receive a theological education? What can one do with a BA, MA, or doctorate degree in this field? What are some practical uses for such an education?

We’ll be writing on this topic through the month of May. If you blog about something related let us know and we’ll make sure to connect people to your posts as well. We hope that this results in a fruitful conversation for students and educators in the fields of biblical and theological studies!