This week’s recommendations:

5. New UBS5 Greek New Testament, Next Month by Abram K-J

4. Wheaton Theology Conference videos now available via Marc Cortez

3. The Septuagint Sessions #4 – High Style in Greek Isaiah. On the Language of the Septuagint III (podcast) by T. Michael Law

2. Oral Fixation and New Testament Studies by Larry Hurtado via CSCO

1.a What are the Facts about the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife? by April D. DeConick; b. Laboratory tests can’t always catch modern forgeries – as Harvard Theological Review has (inadvertently) proved and c. Illustrating the forgery of Jesus’ wife sister fragment and d. Jesus’ Wife and her Ugly Sister and e. Tentative Chronology on Coptic “Jesus Wife” fragment by Mark Goodacre; f. On Fragments and Alleged Forgeries and g. “Jesus’ Wife” Arguements: And the Beat Goes On! by Larry Hurtado;  h. Considering the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Fragment by Jonathan Watson; i. Jesus had an ugly sister-in-law by Christian Askeland

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