Yesterday I sent an email to my co-bloggers informing them that on June 20th this blog will no longer produce new content. On April 9th, 2009, I morphed what had been my personal blog into a “biblioblog” and later that year JohnDave Media joined me to make it a “group” blog. For over five years we’ve tried to use this online space to enhance our education while informing readers of important new books, websites, and other blogs. We were joined by several other bloggers over the years— T.C. RobinsonMark StevensJosh SmithIshta KutesaRobert JimenezJeremy CushmanKate HanchDaniel James LevyJoshua Smith, and Michael StrachanEach of these people helped make this a biblioblog that was “top five” at one point. It has been fun!

Unfortunately, I’ve come to realized that I don’t enjoy curating this blog anymore. I told myself long ago that it is a hobby (I’ve never made a profit off it) and a tool to supplement my studies. If the day came that I stopped having fun with it, or if I realized that biblioblogging was hindering me from using my time wisely, then I would stop. That time has come.

I will maintain an online presence at my personal website ( where I will blog a little here and there mixing personal and academic interest, but that is different than trying to maintain the “brand” and “place” that has come to be known at “Near Emmaus”. My co-bloggers may be creating new online spaces as well. As they do (if they do) I will be pointing you in that direction so that you can keep up with them.

This blog will not disappear. On June 20th I will write its last post. Sometime after that I will close the comments and rearrange the blog so that people can look up posts that have been written over the last five years. In the meantime, I have several books to which I owe a review before shutting down shop.

I hope that our readers have enjoyed this blog and that it has served its purpose over the years for creating an online community for those interested in biblical studies and theology as well as a resource. Also, I hope that whether it be through our personal blogs/websites or social media accounts that we can continue to keep in contact, share ideas and resources, and build friendships. Thank you for all your interaction over the years!