Have you signed up to follow me (Joshua) at my new blogging location yet? Here’s a snippet from my latest reflection on Christology:

Christ is the irreducible factor, the “lowest common denominator,” of the Christian faith. At some point, every single person who professes the Christian faith must come to some sort of conclusion regarding the question, “Who was (or is) Jesus of Nazareth?” and the answer must be considerate of both the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith. This is not to say that the answer must fall within the bounds of Christian apologetics in a way that sounds like a Gospel tract, or resort to oversimplified conclusions about the identify of the Jesus of history (as with C.S. Lewis’s famous dictum, “Liar, lunatic, or Lord”), but simply to acknowledge that a person’s view of the historical Jesus colors their Christology, and their Christology likewise informs their faith.

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