Hey friends! I decided to start up a personal blog. Although it’ll be on a number of different topics, I’ll be focusing on both Practical and Missional Theology. The link is http://www.danieljameslevy.com

I want to express my gratitude to Brian and the other co-bloggers here at Near Emmaus. A few years ago, Brian created a space for me to share thoughts on NE. It’s been a blessing to be able to contribute here.

Brew Urban Cafe in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Take a visit for a great cup of coffee.

Here’s an excerpt from my first post – Story & Mission – over at the new site:

I’m convinced that one of the most powerful ways to bear witness to what God has done in Jesus is simple storytelling. Not scientific arguments, not philosophical arguments, not even arguments for the reliability of Scripture. All of these have their place; but few things harness the raw power that a story does. Apologetic arguments are often sterile and impersonal. Stories are personal and have the ability to create the hope of new possibilities in its hearers. Stories admit the pain, but also God’s healing. Stories recount chaos, but also the still of God’s peace. Stories tell of bondage, but also God’s freedom. What people need to know is that life can be different. Stories communicate this.

Share your story. It proclaims to the world that the Author is still writing.


Peace, friends!