I enjoy writing, so although I will not be doing so on this blog after June 20th, I will be contributing here and there to other blogs/websites. One of the first places to invite me was the podcast/blog/website Bible Study and the Christian Life, which is the project of Drs. Matthew Ryan Hauge and Craig Evan Anderson of Azusa Pacific University. My first post went live on their blog yesterday: Should Noah have been more contentious with God?

Unlike many biblioblogs this website is focused, slow in delivering content but purposeful in the content it delivers, and disciplined in focusing on the biblical text and what it means to work exegetically through a portion of text. If I understand my role correctly I will be one of those who contributes an occasional blog post on one of the topics that Hauge and Anderson are discussing.

If you haven’t listened to this podcast I recommend you do. I used to link to it pretty often at my old blog. You can subscribe in iTunes and of course add the blog to your reader. Also, you can follow @BSCL on Twitter and/or “Like” the Facebook page.

* If you’re ever interested in having me write a guest post for your blog let me know!