Week in Review: 07.30.10

These are my picks from this last week:

- Nick Norelli discusses fasting (and it made me hungry).

- Stan Hauerwas is interviewed about his memoir Hannah’s Child.

- C. Michael Patton asks if a divorced Christian can get remarried. Also, what constitutes a divorce?

- Roger Yadon discusses clergy misconduct in Alaska.

- Mark Stevens continues to compare ourselves amongst ourselves: Witherington or McKnight? Fee or Stott? And round two: Witherington or Fee? Barth and Wright? Fee or Waltke? And the final round: Witherington or Fee or Wright?

- CNN’s John Blake talks about a book written on Obama’s favorite theologian. Guess who that is? (HINT: Not named “Yoder” or “Hauerwas”)

- San Francisco Chronicle blogger Justin Berton will be following Oakland radio personality Harold Camping who claims that the “rapture”/end of the world will occur May 21st, 2011. This should be interesting!

- Phil Sumpter ponders why the early Christians were persecuted.

- Billy Cash reminds us of the “amazing grace” of God in the life of John Newton.

- T.C. Robinson discusses N.T. Wright’s reading of I Timothy 2.12T.C. Robinson and Mark Stevens discuss Craig L. Blomberg’s statements about the “Bible Wars”. Also, Blomberg discusses James 3.1.

- J.R. Daniel Kirk explains why he thinks Paul did not write the pastoral epistles. Mark Stevens shares some thoughts on this matter as well (in direct response to my own comments).

- Andrew Perriman ponders the possibility that Paul was a maker of theatrical scenery as a profession. Also, he asks if the emergent church has a problem with the doctrine of a final judgment. I ask if the emergent church still exists?!

- Frank Turk discusses orthodoxy and the love of God.

- Michael Bird writes on “Justification by Faith and Racism”.

- Gerry Breshears examines the purpose and nature of speaking in tongues.

- Peter Enns discusses the meaning of the imago dei.

- Justin Taylor addresses genitive phrases as relates to the “works of the law” and “faith in/of Christ” debates.

- Jim West is going to resurrect the blog carnival.

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